Fusion Fitness Pilates has changed my life and I am forever grateful. I am a 6ft 5inch tall male who had been having lower lumbar pain for the last 5 years which was increasing getting worse. I had multiple MRI’s, trips to the Orthopedic Doctor, Chiropractor, and numerous Physical Therapy sessions. Nothing seemed to work or stop the pain so I had stopped most activities, weight lifting, and even swimming or playing in the yard with my children. I didn’t know what to do and I was told I didn’t need surgery. Someone at my Office one day mentioned that she had been going to Pilates at Fusion Fitness and I should try it to help my back. I had never heard of Pilates but I decided to call Fusion Fitness


I met Ariel 7 months ago and I told him everything I had been going through with my back and that I was nervous to do anything that involved stretching or bending at my back. Ariel explained what Pilates can do and the goals of their studio for someone like me. Ariel allowed me to come in and do a free Trial class to see how I liked it. I can tell you I was scared that first class but Ariel watched me closely and really helped me get into the proper positions that would help me get stronger in my core area. I can tell you 7 months later Fusion Fitness Pilates, Ariel, and Peter have helped me to achieve my active life back. The back pain began to subside slowly each week and I could feel myself getting more flexible and stronger in my core, back, and midsection. Now back pain doesn’t dominate my life anymore and I can run around in the yard and swim with my children, or pretty much do anything. Thank you so much Fusion Fitness Pilates, Ariel, and Peter!

Chris DeSmedt

My experience at Fusion has been nothing short of positive. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and very encouraging. Their excellent instructions and kind words motivate me to try harder and to keep going when I feel like I "can't." The equipment is top notch and the subdued lighting in the studio is a plus for those of us who don't have perfectly toned bodies!

Bruce Beyer

Their classes are wonderful, their instructors knowledgeable and the energy there is fabulous. I've been going for more than 10 years!

Sandy Carson

"I am so grateful and amazingly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and become a benefactor of your professional knowledge and expert skills in strengthening and training my "severely arthritic knees for my age". It seems no less than a miracle to me that I am now able to walk straight and tall with no pain, no wobbling, and no limping. NO PAIN... without the help of pain medicine. You have amazed me and given back to me something that at age 50 I thought I had lost forever."

Roger Martin

I found Pilates over 10 years ago. After 2 years of taking I knew I wanted to become an instructor. After taking from many instructors and researching different certification programs I found Ariel. I completed my comprehensive Pilates training under the tutelage of Ariel. I have met many people in our industry and I can say I have never met anyone that is more passionate about Pilates and people. Ariel is a true inspiration and an asset to our industry. I am proud to call him my friend and mentor.

Allen Lynette

This is what Pilates is meant to be, therapeutic on every level! So grateful to have found such skilled trained professionals right in my own backyard!

Traci Krewson

Fusion Pilates helps to relieve my back pain more than any neurologist or chiropractor has ever done. I have finally found some relief.

Donna Harris Siskind

Love this place! Great trainers.

Carla Ojeda de Ortega